News: Dancing Together – Workshop 2018

Dancing Together – Workshop 2018

25th-26th october
Institut für Theaterwissenschaft, Room 220
3012 Bern

Dancing together_workshop 25-26 Okt 18

The workshop Dancing Together brings together young scholars who work at the interstice of philosophy, so- ciology and anthropology in their research of dance, with contemporary dancers who have served as informants to the SNF research project Dancing Together. In the al- ready interdisciplinary eld of dance studies, several ap- proaches currently coexist and complement each other. Challenges arise however, when studying sources of dancing: performances seem more accessible than re- hearsals, video archives could improve in development, and issues of privacy and choreographic authority may need to be tackled in order for scholars to access their subject matter. While both phenomenology and anthro- pology aspire for a researcher to come “close” to his or her phenomena of study, how do these approaches con- verge and diverge—and adapt when applied in dance studies? How might we develop research that articulates the experiences (in togetherness) of dancers?

Dancing together_workshop 25-26 Okt 18

Organisation: Liz Waterhouse

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