Herausgegeben von: Flavia Caviezel & Markus Schwander 2015

SARN Booklet
SARN::Swiss Artistic Research Network

Eighty-Seven questions on artistic research

„The present notebook includes 87 multi-faceted questions and is the starting point of a long-tearm project dealing with the impact or ‚added value‘ of artistic research in society. We invite you to step into the flow of questions in order to enable a deepened reflection.“ — Flavia Caviezel & Markus Schwander, Members of the SARN board, June 2015

By asking personalities of the art world to share their questions regarding artistic research, SARN wishes to initiate a sustainable reflexion in teh rich and booming field that is artistic research.

How much thinking and searching contributes to good art? — Kathleen Buehler, Curator contemporary art, Kunstmuseum Bern

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